Map of Kanawinka

A map brochure of the Kanawinka Geopark is available. Titled Geotrail – Discover Australia’s most extensive volcanic province, the Geotrail map brochure is a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide about Australia’s most extensive volcanic province. It provides a visitor with detailed information about volcanic features in all five precincts within the Kanawinka Geopark and highlights more than 60 Geotrail features.

If you require the A2 size Geotrail map brochure please direct your enquiry to any of the Visitor Information Centres in the Kanawinka Geopark. A list of the Visitor Information Centres may be found on the Visitor Information Centres page of this website at

The Geotrail map brochure is also able to be downloaded as a PDF. (Please note that the PDF of the map brochure is intended for use as a PDF only and is not intended to be printed as an A4 size map brochure)

The link below provides you a PDF of the Geotrail map brochure of the Kanawinka Geopark as well as detailed information about Geotrail feaures. The circled numbers on the map refer to the Geotrail features.

For a PDF of the map brochure: Kanawinka Geotrail map brochure (5.78MB 2 Pages)