Mount Napier
Mount Napier

The Geology that forms the Landscape, Culture and Communities of South West Victoria and South East South Australia.

Kanawinka is the ‘Land of Tomorrow‘ for a new era of sustainable tourism and geoheritage in Australia.

Sister Geopark to Bergstrasse-Odenwald Global Geopark, Germany

Sister Geopark to Hong Kong Global Geopark of China

Sister Geopark to Mount Lushan Global Geopark, PR of China

Initiative Member of the Famous Mountains of the World Association

About Kanawinka Geopark
The South West of Victoria and South East South Australia have become recognised as Australia’s First Geopark. The infrastructure exists in the form of a strong committee based in the community with local government support, with a Memorandum of Understanding, a Marketing Plan and a Funded Budget, an existing management plan (which has been re-thought for Geopark operation) and with existing signage, Visitor Information Centres and two Interpretative Centres.