Fact Sheets

Here you will find Fact Sheets to gather information on Kanawinka Geotrail Features.

As Fact Sheets require a lot of research they are added as they become available, so if you do not find what you are looking for it may well be available in the future.

We have listed the Fact Sheets in groups according to their precincts.

Craters & Limestone Precinct

Lake Leake and Lake Edward (PDF – 2 pages, 651kB)
Mount Burr Ranges (PDF – 2 pages, 653kB)
Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake and Crater Lakes Complex (PDF – 2 pages, 419kB)
Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake and Crater Lakes Complex (FAQs) (PDF – 2 pages, 417kB)
Mount Schank (PDF – 2 pages, 440kB)

Plateaus & Falls Precinct

Nigretta Falls (PDF – 2 pages, 511kB)
Wannon Falls (PDF – 2 pages, 515kB)

Coast & Caves Precinct

Cape Bridgewater and Bridgewater Bay (PDF – 2 pages, 495kB)
Mount Richmond (PDF – 2 pages, 431kB)

Cones & Flows Precinct

Mount Eccles National Park and Lake Condah (PDF – 2 pages, 499kB)
Mount Napier State Park and Byaduk Caves (PDF – 2 pages, 706kB)
Mount Rouse (PDF – 2 pages, 438kB)
Tower Hill State Game Reserve (PDF – 2 pages, 450kB)
Tumuli (PDF – 2 pages, 529kB)

Lakes & Craters Precinct

Lake Bookaar (PDF – 2 pages, 540kB)
Lake Bullen Merri (PDF – 2 pages, 428kB)
Lake Corangamite (PDF – 2 pages, 424kB)
Mount Elephant (PDF – 2 pages, 426kB)
Mount Leura (and Mount Sugarloaf) (PDF – 2 pages, 969kB)
Mount Noorat (PDF – 2 pages, 426kB)
Red Rock (PDF – 2 pages, 423kB)