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Kanawinka Board Policy

The Kanawinka Board has an energy and communications infrastructure siting policy with reference to wind turbine generators (WTGS)

Policy date: Monday, 13 July 2009

Preamble (extract)

The Kanawinka Geopark Board, as a matter of principle, supports renewable forms of energy generation and measures to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, including wind-generating facilities, where a net environmental benefit can be clearly demonstrated.

The Kanawinka Geopark Board also strongly advocates the protection of significant natural and cultural Australian landscapes, and believes they should be protected from undesirable visual intrusion and other adverse impacts which can be associated with energy and communication infrastructure development (see end-note for definition)…

For further information and to download the policy document:

Energy and Communications Infrastructure Siting Policy

(PDF 137kb 2 pages)




Joyce, Bernie. 2010.
Volcano Tourism in the New Kanawinka Global Geopark of Victoria and SE South Australia. Chapter 20 in Patricia Erfurt-Cooper and Malcolm Cooper (eds), Volcano and Geothermal Tourism, Sustainable Geo-Resources for Leisure and Recreation, Earthscan, London, UK. pp. 302-311. Hardback £75.00.

JOYCE 2010 Volcano Tourism in the New Kanawinka Global Geopark of Victoria and SE South Australia (PDF 1,687kb 10 pages)

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