The Geopark provides an expanded range of opportunities for education and interpretation that are consistent with the enjoyment and protection of the natural environment. In line with the Biodiversity Hotspots and the Ramsar Convention, Western District Lakes, the protection of remnant grasslands and education programs will be developed.

The Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre is situated within the Geopark area .

The Visitor Information Centre at Mount Gambier (Lady Nelson Centre) has an excellent display of indigenous heritage and settlement history.

Education groups need to be encouraged to visit, stay and increase their appreciation of this diverse ecosystem and the geological heritage.

Lake Bookar is used for school environmental programs, and it serves as a wetland revegetation and rehabilitation site for a Landcare group.

The Monash University has study-sites at Lakes Beeac and Corangamite. Biannual surveys examining aquatic invertebrates and water quality parameters are undertaken for Lake Corangamite. Also, studies on macro-invertebrates and vegetation, and their potential as biological indicators are conducted.