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Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project

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The Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project is a partnership between Gundtij Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (Gleneelg Hopkins CMA), RMIT University, Parks Victoria and others that seeks to research and record both traditional and contemporary indigenous land management practices. The practices, some of which have been refined over thousands of years, afford key knowledge in ecological and cultural areas.

Based in South West Victoria, the project works with farmers to enhance environmental and cultural outcomes. Visits on country to farms among the stony rises have recently occurred. Titled ‘Yarns on Farms‘, the visits involve conversations between the farmers and the Gunditj Mirring project team, with a swap over of thoughts about working on country.

Through visits to farms and sites, recording stories, history and experiences, as well as inspection of aerial maps, and considering indigenous and non-indigenous perspectives, both the Gunditj Mirring project team and the farmers are learning more about working on country.

For further details Yarns on Farms (PDF 328 kB, 1 page)

For further details on the Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project please visit the Glenelg Hopkins CMA website

Piccaninnie Ponds Karst Wetlands

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Piccaninnie Ponds

Diver at the top of The Chasm in Piccaninnie Ponds

Divers descending into The Chasm in Piccaninnie Ponds











Piccaninnie Ponds, 32 kilometres south-east of Mount Gambier, joined the Western District Lakes in the Lakes & Craters Precinct of Kanawinka on 21st of December 2012 by becoming a Ramsar Wetlands site.

Located in the Craters & Limestone Precinct of Kanawinka, Piccaninnie Ponds is a system of permanent, freshwater springs and clear-water limestone caves that are now deemed as wetlands of similar importance to the wetlands floodplains found in the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory.

Two divers approaching the top of The Chasm in the clear water of Piccaninnie Ponds

Ramsar Wetlands sites are wetlands from all around the world that are acknowledged as being of international significance. The term ‘Ramsar’ is derived from a convention on wetlands that was held in the small town of Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. World Wetlands Day is held annually on February 2nd as that was the date when the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was adopted.

The Ramsar Convention aims to both retain and preserve wetlands of international significance. Ramsar Wetlands sites are also of National Environmental Significance under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, thus providing additional protection to Piccaninnie Ponds.

A video about diving Piccaninnie Ponds (also Piccaninni Ponds or Piccininni Ponds)  sinkhole  is able to be viewed on the Natural Attractions page of this website under the Visiting Kanawinka button. The You Tube video is titled Diving Piccininni Ponds, Mount Gambier, South Australia

For further information on The Western District Lakes Ramsar Wetlands site in the Lakes & Craters Precinct please visit the Victorian Government Department Of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) website

For further information on World Wetlands Day please visit the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities website

Geopark Conference April 2010

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Geoconference April 2010

Geopark Conference April 2010

The 4th International Conference on Geoparks 2010 will be held in Southeast Asia’s very first global geopark, Langkawi Global Geopark, MALAYSIA. Langkawi is one of the rare island geoparks in the world – comprising 99 islands and possessing the region’s oldest rocks as well as having the most complete Palaeozoic geological history.

Geopark Fair: 9th – 11th April, 2010 (Langkawi Global Geopark, Malaysia)
Geopark Conference: 12th – 15th April 2010 (Langkawi Global Geopark, Malaysia)

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