Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project

The Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project is a partnership between Gundtij Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (Gleneelg Hopkins CMA), RMIT University, Parks Victoria and others that seeks to research and record both traditional and contemporary indigenous land management practices. The practices, some of which have been refined over thousands of years, afford key knowledge in ecological and cultural areas.

Based in South West Victoria, the project works with farmers to enhance environmental and cultural outcomes. Visits on country to farms among the stony rises have recently occurred. Titled ‘Yarns on Farms‘, the visits involve conversations between the farmers and the Gunditj Mirring project team, with a swap over of thoughts about working on country.

Through visits to farms and sites, recording stories, history and experiences, as well as inspection of aerial maps, and considering indigenous and non-indigenous perspectives, both the Gunditj Mirring project team and the farmers are learning more about working on country.

For further details Yarns on Farms (PDF 328 kB, 1 page)

For further details on the Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project please visit the Glenelg Hopkins CMA website