Lake Gnotuk research findings

Lake Gnotuk, near Camperdown - Lakes & Craters Precinct

Professor Patrick De Deckker of the Australian National University has said research findings at Lake Gnotuk near Camperdown  are soon to be published. Core samples from Lake Gnotuk’s lakebed dating back around 12,000 years reveal evidence of significant changes in the level of the lake with definite trends being identifiable. Lake Gnotuk in the Lakes & Craters Precinct of Kanawinka has been in a drying phase for the last 600years, predating recent human activity often cited as being responsible for climate change.

For further information regarding the research at Lake Gnotuk: Lake Gnotuk (PDF 187 kB, 2 pages) – refer also ‘Lake Keilambete’ article printed in the Mortlake Dispatch 13 September 2012

Article reprinted with kind permission of Western District Newspapers.