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Geotrail map brochure available as PDF

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The new Kanawinka Geotrail map brochure of┬áthe Kanawinka region is able to be downloaded as a PDF. The Geotrail map brochure is a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide about Australia’s most extensive volcanic province.

Kanawinka Geotrail map brochure cover page

Page 1 - front cover & inside pages



Page 1 - flip side pages



It provides a visitor with detailed information about Kanawinka Geotrail feaures in all five Kanawinka precincts and includes a map of the region highlighting more than 60 Geotrail features.

Page 2 - Geotrail features



Page 2 - Kanawinka Geotrail map




The link below gives you the map of the Kanawinka region as well as the detailed information about Geotrail feaures. The circled numbers on the map refer to the Kanawinka Geotrail features.

For further information:Kanawinka Geotrail map brochure (PDF 5.78MB 2 Pages)


June Board Meeting Venue and Time

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Please be advised that a Kanawinka Inc. Board meeting is to be held on:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 (Full Board)

11:00am Vic. time (10:30am SA time)

Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre, 23 Martin Street , Penshurst, Vic.
(Just South of the roundabout in Penshurst, along the Hamilton-Warrnambool road)

For further location details please visit the Location page of the Penshurst Volcanoes Discovery Centre website.

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