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Mount Eccles National Park upgrade work in the camping area

After a busy Christmas holiday period Mount Eccles National Park has been a bit quieter, and with a fairly quiet fire season so far the Parks Victoria team has had an opportunity to do some upgrades works in the camping area.

Mount Eccles Ranger Gary Bellesini has overseen the installation of three BBQ’s on new concrete slabs with the help of Shannon Ross and Daniel Howard-Jones. Other BBQ’s have been re-set into concrete, making them easier to use and much safer.

“We have also removed some stumps in the campground to make it easier for campervans and caravans to turn in the camping area and taken out several hazardous trees on or near some camping spots.”

“The dry weather has also meant a welcome break from the ongoing ‘whipper snipping’ that seems to be endless during the spring months,” said Gary.

Bookings for the March Labour day weekend have been good with approximately half the camps booked and there has also been a lot of enquiries for Easter with bookings opening on 1 March.

“We have also managed to get the old traffic counter at the entrance to the park operational and will monitor and give some feedback to the community in the future about visitor numbers.”

In other activities, the Budj Bim mountain bike track in the park has been recently sprayed by a contractor and is now a bit clearer of grass and bracken fern.

Article and photograph reproduced with kind permission of Jo Curkpatrick, Parks Victoria

For further information on Mount Eccles National Park/Budj Bim please visit the Parks Victoria website