Special Resolutions at March Meeting

Kanawinka Geopark Inc.
Registered No. A0043406F

Advice is given that two Special Resolutions are to be put to Members at the March 28th 2012 general meeting at 12.30pm Vic time (12:00pm SA time)

Special Resolution 1. proposes the Association Registered Name be changed from Kanawinka Geopark Inc. To Kanawinka Inc.

Special Resolution 2. proposes the ‘Model Rules’ Constitution of Kanawinka Geopark Inc. be changed and that the changed Constitution be adopted for Kanawinka Inc.

Membership fees of Kanawinka Inc will be $5.00 per annum

The proposed new constitution for Kanawinka Inc. is able to be downloaded
(PDF – 21 pages, 1.45MB) by clicking on the link  Constitution for Kanawinka Inc.

Copies of the proposed new constitution for Kanawinka Inc. may also be obtained by contacting Linda Hay on (08) 87210444

Please note the Board meeting is  to be held at the Martin J Hynes Auditorium, Market Place, Hamilton, Vic. commencing at 10.30am Vic time (10:00am SA time)